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User Image LAVANYA H S 7 hours ago


Mission -To promote chemical free healthy agriculture practices in the country by making available nature derived inputs such as bio fertilizers, bio pesticides, and biostimulants etc., That are innovative, cost-effective solutions for customers/users, and partners. Which benefits shareholders and the planet at large.

How are we going to do?
To unlock the secrets of the soil by ROOT MICROBIOME STUDIES — making the work of farmers a little lighter, increasing the productivity of every field and reducing the costly inputs that stretch farmers’ profits as thin as a wire. Through this we can revitalize ecosystems and communities for this generation and the next.

We are a biotechnology company with an experienced and innovative team focusing on providing environmentally sustainable solutions to problems plaguing the agriculture industry. 

MAIN ADVANTAGE OF THE TECHNOLOGY-Agricultural practices need to evolve to sustainably meet growing global demand for food without irreversibly damaging the world’s natural resources all while maintaining food security – even in a time of climatic changes and extremes.

TRACTION - As the ordinary consumer became aware of the dangers posed by synthetic chemicals, demand for farm products that have undergone organic treatments rose. This makes the use of these chemicals a potential risk as there’s a glaring possibility of incurring huge losses due to the consumer shunning the product.

The global agricultural microbials market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.08% during the forecast period. The market value is expected to reach USD 6468.25 million by 2022, from an estimated USD 2511.20 million in 2016.

Market growth is attributed to increasing need for enhancing food production through sustainable and cost-effective solutions

Developing economies such as India, Mexico, China, and Brazil are turning out to be emerging markets
Vital partners-We look to partners to accelerate our endeavors. In case you're involved in agribusiness, micro and molecular biologics R&D, a private foundation, or other element focused on propelling the utilization of nature-based cures contact us at [email protected] now

Investors-We are presently in the process of raising capital to advance our nature based agri technologies. In case you're keen on putting resources into Cropdomain we are happy to dicuss with you. Get in touch at [email protected] or over Phone: +91(80) 23146969/9986166969.

User Image Rupesh Gosavi 8 hours ago

Excited to Welcome Demo Day 2017 in Pune.

Last year I attended Startups Club Demo Day and was in love with it. I am going to fulfill my promise of pitching in 2017 with mind blowing product.

Do attend ! It is an awesome experience !! :)

See you guys!! I want to experience the tough competition out there !!

User Image Arnab PalChowdhury 18 hours ago

When was the last time you overhauled your presentation?? If your presentation is still stuck in the Middle Ages, we can help sending it into hyperdrive into the future! Call/mail me to know how we do it! @ 7829915140

User Image Sukin Shetty 18 hours ago

Entrepreneur has to be 'BRUPID' brave & stupid to startup. Read this in a book 'FAILING TO SUCCEED' story of first ecommerce company in India. Written by Vaitheeshwaran the founder. Good learnings about the failed company.

User Image Salma Moosa 1 day ago

Today Mid-Night Fridays (MNF) is on the platform... comment here if you are planning to join us here at 11:45 pm today... MNF is a very neatly planned 2 hours of exchanging strong connects to build your Startups. Those who comment here will only be a part of this session. How do we do it?
1. We will post the list of members who will post their intro & Ask on their timeline with their cell number
2. Every member from the list will post the same on their time line and all others will go on comments and post a connections name they would pass and send the details of the connections
(email ID and Number) to the asking members given cell number on the post.
3. Once this is done for the first 5 minutes, the next member from the list will go their wall and post their intro, Ask and cell number.

Let’s do this people.. would
Like to see some regular and old members join today’s MNF

User Image Vivek Murthy 1 day ago

We at NIVA are into Business Consulting & Corporate Training for the past 20+ years. We provide these services with main focus on ‘Growth’ in areas of Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Service & CRM across various industries.

We provide following services :

1. Consulting:
• NIVA offers Consultancy on regular basis where we engage with the client frequently and offer interventions needed for achieving growth, ensure implementation and monitor the course towards growth.

• NIVA also offers Project Based Consultancy, which is related to specific projects and aimed at achieving project objectives within desired parameters.

2. Marketing Audit:
Organizations need to undertake holistic examination of their Marketing function in terms of Market Potential, Systems, Competition, Manpower structure etc. to ensure that their Strategy & other aspects are right or they stay updated & timely course correction is induced in the process, whenever needed.
NIVA specializes in conducting this ‘Audit’ and suggest strategies.

3. Training:
• NIVA offers Customized training workshops to corporates which are tailored to suit specific needs of each of the businesses the client is in. The workshop is designed after detailed study of the business model & interactions with the teams to understand the nuances of clients’ business.

• NIVA also conducts open house training workshops on a range of subjects which are commonly applicable to the Sales, Marketing, Customer Service as well as Business process improvement.

User Image Vivek Srinivasan 1 day ago

A good session at VIT on building super humans of the future and the potential for business that exists therein.

User Image Ghanshyam Murai 1 day ago

At Blooming Desk our co working space not only aim to provide a vibrant office space, but we also work to bring together all the people and businesses among-st our co working members, to form a community. By doing this, business can be created among-st members and we help to give more exposure of the members and their businesses. Events, workshops, seminars can provide members with critical resources to flourish their businesses.



  • SCKS - Growth Hacking 0.1 - Growth will be the only lookout in this exclusive 4 hour session. This is BY INVITE only and will have ONLY Founders and C level Team members of Registered Startups. To link to APPLY will be posted soon and remember we will take only 5 to 7 participants in each sessions, so follow this space..
  • Startups Club announces its OPEN HOUSE in 2 cities, you walk in to connect, collaborate and build your startups with co-members, mentors, experts, founders.. No agenda, no plans, just two hours of PRODUCTIVE TIME with ENTREPRENEURS... SC OPEN HOUSE - BANGALORE - Every Wednesday 4pm to 6pm at Startups Club HQ, Koramangala SC OPEN HOUSE - CHENNAI - Every Sunday at 11 am to 1 pm at Krea, Abhiramapuram.

Knowledge Sessions

26th September 201711:00am