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User Image Vivek Srinivasan 20 hours ago

Thank you all for joining me here for the AMA.

User Image Sukin Shetty 20 hours ago

Hey Vivek, what if investor asks me about growth and traction when my startup is pre revenue stage, how do I answer him?

User Image Vigneshwar Angaal 20 hours ago

Hi vivek! I want to build a startup and i have a solid idea to implement. But i dont have any knowledge for setting it up in terms of legal and financial areas. So what are the guidelines i need to follow?

User Image SVRP Varma 20 hours ago

Hi Vivek, What are the guidelines or formula for valuation of startup? Now that government is considering tax on valuations, have they proposed any schema or formula for valuing startups

User Image Vishal Bhuta 21 hours ago

Hi Vivek.. Can a company venturing into providing health foods be called a startup?

User Image Vivek Srinivasan 21 hours ago

I am here for the #AMA with our members. Pour in any questions that you may have about business in general or about technology trends I am happy to answer any of them...

User Image Ankit Tripathi 23 hours ago

Good evening members, Vivek will be conducting an "Ask Me Anything" session today, 25th Sept, at 9 in the evening, exclusively on our platform,
Please login and ask anything you've ever wanted to.

User Image Ankit Tripathi 1 day ago

Good afternoon members, One of our pioneer members wants to connect with co-working spaces in Koramangala and HSR. Please reach out to us in the comments section with your contact if you can provide the same. Thank You

User Image Sreejit Patnaik 1 day ago

Good afternoon members, anybody who's into women's wear and fashion, our pioneer member Adi Gowtham would like to get in touch with you.

User Image Sukin Shetty 1 day ago

Have you planned to start employee advocacy program? If not you should plan, it is the best way to reach many potential prospects in organic way. By 2020 India internet users will be more than 600 million. So plan now.
Shared a small info about employee advocacy
63% of companies will operate employee advocacy programs in 2017
Employee advocacy — which is the practice of providing employees with tools enabling them to share their company’s message on their own social networks — will surge this year, according to Gartner. Currently, about one-third (36 percent) of marketers say they have employee advocacy programs in place. In 2017, 27 percent plan to add employee advocacy programs.



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