The second city we took Demo Day to was Chennai. We love the entrepreneurs in Chennai and we have had some of our best interactions in the past with entrepreneurs in Chennai. It was a great feeling brining Demo Day back to the city where we had last conducted this event in 2014. Having a great line up of speakers for the event made it that much more special for the members who were attending the event. Mr. MVS Mani who has has been investing in the capacity of an angel for a fairly long time spoke to our members about the consequences of getting investments. The nature of challenges that startups begin to face once the investment comes into the company. Mr. Praveen spoke about Frugal Marketing and the means by which startups can save money while still creating an impact. Mr. Dorai Spoke about the various ways in which technology can be used to analyse the market to make the right decisions in terms of choosing products to be developed.

We had a great set of entrepreneurs lined up for the event. Some of the most ambitious businesses we had seen in sometime. 10 of the shortlisted entrepreneurs were given an opportunity to pitch to the jury members and to the surprise of everyone the students from Vellore Institute of Technology who had developed their product a shampoo to resist the ills caused by hard water, Team Renaura won the Rs. 1,00,000 prize money and get to proceed to the finale in Chennai to be held in November.

Winners - Team Renaura


Checkout the pictures from the event below -