Bangalore is already renowned for being the Silicon Valley of India. Startups, startuppitches and events are a regular thing in the city. So what sets DemoDay 2016 apartfrom the hundreds of events that happen in Bangalore?

Primarily, what makes DemoDay outstanding is the fact that it is not just an event. It is an experience. An experience that brings together some selected startups that are vivid and creative and bring them to rise up to the occasion of competing with one another not only to see a winner at the end of it but to learn while they’re at it. And this time, the experience was extended to 10 cities in India. Bangalore being the first in the series.

The Bangalore DemoDay 2016 saw a panel of some very active mentors and investors like Mr.Mahesh Bhalla, Mr. Nagaraja, Mr. Rajesh and more. The speakers Mr.Ganesh, Mr.Pradeep and Mr. Rajesh gave us some very good insights into the startup world, it’s challenges and how to overcome them. Mr.Vivek Srinivasan, the co-founder of Startups Club introduces a new concept called the ‘Tek-Tak’ to the entrepreneurs and told the crowd an interesting story about how Silicon Valley came to be.

The competition was intense with 10 extremely dedicated participants pitching their startup idea to a panel of mentors who not only judged the startups on their performance and execution of the idea but also provided valuable insights into how each one of the participants can succeed in their venture.

The event saw close to a hundred people on a festive Saturday. It ended with a lot of anticipation about the winning pitch. Appaie, an assistant for android application building, won Bangalore DemoDay 2016. So, all in all, it was the perfect combination of some elite panel members, speakers, enthusiastic participants, attentive visitors, and the energetic organising team that set Bangalore DemoDay 2016 apart and made it a grand success.

Winners - Team Appaie


Checkout the pictures from the event below -