Marketing v/s Sales – CHE

14 May 2017

11:00 AM



Marriott Courtyard

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Founders of startups are left completely confused or lost, when they initiate market entry because they have to take a very strategic decision on deciding to take sales team members or marketing budgets.

Sales brings money, marketing bring brand awareness encouraging customers to spend the money, so is sales the god for business growth or the saint against spreading the confidence.

This is not a speaker session, join a debate between entrepreneurs who belief on sales blindly and entrepreneurs who trust marketing to be the solution. The best of lessons are got when the best of minds come together to argue to put a point across and as we do this we take the best practice applicable for our journeys. Moderated by the queen (Salma) of shameless selling and a mentor who has successfully enabled more than 50 plus entrepreneurs to go out there and market/sell confidently to grow their business.

This meetup is free of cost

Team Startups Club


Salma Moosa
Company name: Startups Club Networks LLP Core Designated Partner

Vivek Srinivasan
Company name: VS Prudence Advisors Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director at Prudence Advisors