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     They say the wisdom of a 1000 books can be had from the experience of one person

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     They say the wisdom of a 1000 books can be had from the experience of one person

Workshops for Startups

Startups Club brings to you this unique opportunity to learn from experts who have been working on specific areas with hundred of startups and are brining their wisdom acquired through decades in the form of a workshop to you. We will be undertaking workshops which will be made available to a maximum of 10 - 20 entrepreneurs at a time in order to help them with specific issues that they encounter in their startup journey.

We have been keenly listening to the challenges that members of our community have been facing and we are bringing sessions that will pointedly address specific issues that you have been facing.

Join the power packed 4-hour sessions conducted by experts with over a decades experience in their field. Learn from them and also have the opportunity to ask them about your specific businesses and how to apply the learnings to the problems you are facing.

All of our workshops have a standard pricing of Rs. 5000/- only.

Pioneer members get a discount of Rs. 1000/- on the workshops.

Sales for Startups

Selling is the lifeblood of any business. Without selling no business would ever survive. Also, selling is not the same for any two businesses but some of the underlying principles remain the same. We cover the principles of sales and help you understand the way you can develop sales for your business.

10 Slide Pitchdeck

Pitches are another nature of sale, instead of your product you are selling your company and want someone to become a part of the company. At the same time, you always have limited time with investors and need to get your point across in a short time. Pitch decks are the most effective way to do that; how do you shrink without compromising your story.


We all need a partner in crime. A startup is a fast growing business and needs a leadership team to manage this growth. From our experience in co-founding, brining other founders and leaving them behind, this workshop will focus on finding co-founders and managing co-founders once you get on the same boat.

Guerrilla Marketing

An early stage startup only focused on sales. Marketing is seen as a costly undertaking; not if you are going guerrilla! This workshop is specifically designed to help you understand how to take your startup guerrilla and help understand the guerrilla marketing strategies that you can use for your startup.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media gives us an ability to reach out to a large number of people in a very short period of time. In order to be able to be effective in social media, creating means of engaging the same people is extremely critical. Through this workshop we will be covering the various aspects of Social Media Marketing.

Building Chatbots

Chat bots are taking over the world and there are several applications towards which they can be used. You need not necessarily build chat bots as a business, it can also help you solve a business problem elegantly. This session will cover the 'how' of building a chat bot.

Business Plan Development

In order to be able to understand your business well, you need to be able to precipitate your thoughts in the form of Business Plan so that you can double check your thoughts. This workshop will cover no only the content of writing a business plan but also the research needed to bring those pieces into place.

Financial Modelling

Building a financial model is critical to understanding how the money will be brought in the door for a company. The purpose of a business is to earn money and understanding the money movement is critical to not only building a business but also to understand flaws in the business model. This workshop will cover the intricacies of the same.

Customer Acquisition & Retaining Them

Bringing the customers in the door is a very hard thing to do. Once you get them, keeping them with you and being able to serve them repeatedly is critical to reducing your sales and marketing spend. How do you bring them in, the entire cycle from generation of leads to holding on to them will be covered in this workshop.

Building an A-Class Team

People make a business. If a business is a great idea, those ideas come from people. In India we ignore the importance of people in an organisation. No matter how small or big, great people make a huge difference. Having great people is not enough, you need to be able to extract the best out of them as well. This workshop will focus on how to get great people and make them perform.