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We help our Pioneer Members get CUSTOMERS, FUNDING, MENTORS & A VOICE...

Pioneer Membership is meant for enabling a more intimate level of connect amongst members in order to deliver them more value and enable greater learning and collaboration. As entrepreneurs join us and grow stronger in the community, we offer Pioneer Members a step up towards a reach to the other Startups/Entrepreneurs (Pioneers), plus an add on benefit through the discounts to the workshops and events which will be rolled out through the year.

Pioneer Memberships, include Student Aspiring Entrepreneurs (Young Pioneers), our event Jury, Investors and Panel members (Honorary Pioneer Members) and our members who have started working on their startups and are serious about building it further (Pioneer Members).


Welcome Pioneers...

All our regular members get -
1. Updates and access to all Meetups
2. Added in the What’s app group of Startups Club
3. Access to the Pioneer Meets on actuals

Benefits of being a pioneer!


1. Must be a student and provide the correct University ID number
2. Must be keen to explore entrepreneurship

*Certificates will be emailed within 2 weeks of registrations


1. Must be working on an idea / startup
2. Must be a robust networker
3. Must seek to grow their business