She is the heart of Startups Club and almost single handedly built the community during the early days. She specialise in the area of Marketing and Sales. If you want to know how to make the impossible happen, meet her!

Salma Moosa


Vivek is a thinker, he knows a little about a lot of things. He is keenly interested in technology and believes that every startup should use technology as a differentiator. His strengths are in the area of finance and strategy.

Vivek Srinivasan


Chief Mentor

He comes with a vast wealth of experience of having steered various companies in various capacities. He has played a key role in terms of helping shape the strategy for Startups Club and has been a huge pillar of strength for the Club and its team. His nudges have helped define the direction that we are taking.

Mahesh Bhalla

Board Advisor

Michael Marks heads the Asia-Pacific practice of Innoventure Partners. Over the past sixteen years he has worked with several leading international and Asian companies and institutions on their investments and business development in Asia, particularly in China, as well as their strategic development, M&A, distribution, and capital markets programs in the international investment communities.

Michael Marks


Faraz is the Head of Business. He gets stuff done and makes sure that all of the execution goes as per plan. He makes sure that the operations flow smoothly. He has been a pillar of strength for driving the Young Pioneers initiative as well.

Mohammed Faraz

Business Head

Mandeep is the General Manager of Startups Club handles operations. She handles talent acquisition, accounts and administration within the company. She also finds time to stay on top of all of the team members and get feedback from them.

Mandeep Kaur

General Manager

Prasad is our talented rockstar developer who pulls the weight to have all of the development done for Startups Club. He at the Headquarters and leads a team of 3 others who handle the UI/UX as well as the mobile development. He has filled this role admirably in a very short time. He drinks beer to get energy!

Prasad Thirunarayanan

Tech Head

Sreyanka is the person responsible for all of the co-ordination, support and analysis surrounding the Incuration program and the related investments. She also has a national integrity program of her own that she dedicatedly runs. Kashmir to Kanyakumari; All bases covered!

Sreyanka Chowdhury

Jyothi works as a part of the Operations teams and works along with Mandeep to ensure that all of the operations of the company are smoothly taken care of. She remains unusually silent but gets the job done!

Jyothi Shetty

Sunita works as a part of the UI teams and works along with Prasad to ensure that all of the front end work is done smoothly. She remains unusually silent. She comes on time in the morning but disappears without a trace in the evening!

Sunita Swain

UI/UX Developer

Nagarjun, or Arjun as we all call him heads the community engagement and alliance management of Startups Club. He is a critical piece to making certain that we are able to better engage our members and deliver value to them. He is a kick-boxer.

Nagarjun Hegde

Nisha is an energetic member of the growth offices team. She works at Startups to push the sales of memberships. She loves to dance like there is nobody watching!

Nisha Nayak

Growth Officer

Shireen is heading the PR department for Startups Club. She takes care of the content and other related activities necessary for making public relations possible for the company.

Shireen Ghosal

PR Officer

Saniya serves as a growth officer at Startups Club focused on driving memberships at the Club. She has a unique ability pour her energy into her work in between the breaks that she takes. She enjoys dancing and does not drink at all!

Saniya Sarvat

Growth Officer

She has a depth of experience in the area of digital marketing and SEO. She works under Siddharth in the Digital Marketing team and is responsible for the execution of projects. She is trying to perfect her Hindi.

Lakshmi Tulasi

SEO Expert

Diksha is a member of the Digital Marketing practice and she works on the Social Media Marketing projects along with Siddharth and Lakshmi. She like to run, we hope not from us!

Diksha Agarwal

Social Media

Hailing from Nepal, one of the heart-throbs of Startups Club, Suyash works as a Growth Officer at Startups Club. He enjoys his work out but can never been seen too active around the office. He silently goes about his work.

Suyash Nahata

Growth Officer

Vinod recently joined Startups Club as a designer to work on the various design requirements that the Club has. We do not know a lot about him although we do know that he dance quite long, left to it.

Vinod Krishna

Graphic Designer

Baskar is a first year engineering student interning at Startups Club working on the UI/UX piece. He is a diligent and tireless worker who keeps going back to Coimbatore every week to be with mommy! He is the youngest members of the team and we have been convincing him to quit college...

Baskar Yabase

UI/UX Developer

Saurabh is an enthusiastic member of the Growth team. He is interning at Startups Club and invaluable to the team. He will soon be returning to Dehradun. He likes to dance but almost got himself slapped by Salma trying to set off the flash mob.

Saurabh Dey

Growth Officer

Purvi is a members of the growth team. She is interning at Startups Club for a couple of months and trying her hand at Sales. She is a diligent worker.

Purvi Debuka

Growth Officer

Shruti joined Startups Club as an intern working on the Mobile Development for the platform that we are developing. In a short time she has impressed everyone with her grasp of the technology and her ability to learn. She works directly with Prasad and keeps complaining about JSON.

Shruti Agrawal

Mobile Development

Dimitris is Greek and has joined Startups Club as an intern working on Content for Startups Club. He brings the greek style of dancing to rap music! Always lively, he spends time thinking a great deal about the right kind of content. He parties everyday!

Dimitris Chatzidakis


Hanya is an Egyptian intern who is a part of the design team at Startups Club. She has been working towards creating a design voice for Startups Club over the course of her short stay in Bangalore. Hanya loves to travel and she keeps making us jealous with her pictures of the Pyramids.

Hanya Seleem


Jayesh Reddy has been with Startups Club for a long time now. He works as a growth officer at the Club. He joined us immediately after he dropped out of engineering. He is currently pursuing BBA and working with us at the same time. He drinks like a racehorse. His mom calls us to find out why he has not attended classes!

Jayesh Reddy

Growth Officer

Campus Consultant

We just call him Akber. Akber heads the Operations of the Young Pioneers (née The Blueprints Club). He used to hardly speak a word when he joined us a couple of years back in VIT. Today, he is a confident leader who drives a team of 4 under him.

Abdul Akber Shaikh

Saadhiya heads the promotion for the Young Pioneers team and has a team that works with her at VIT. She drives people and gets whatever is given, done. A chemical engineer she gets her kicks out of making various chemical concoctions.

Saadhiya Thabassum

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