Customer Acquisition made Simple

30th September 2017

03:00 PM



Yomillio Office Forum Value Mall - Bangalore

Starting off with the series, when Startups Club is ready to reach out across the city for entrepreneurs, we understand traveling across cities would at times mean losing a lot of time, so we have decided to reach out to you at your closer location as well. Along with our strategic partners, Yomillio, we are delighted to bring some of the best sessions, enabling super productive support and growth for all Startups and SMEs.

Many times selling is very easy if your looking at the right places. Customer Acquisition is about matching your solution appropriately with the customer.

This session will focus on the tips and tricks that you can use in order to appropriatoly match your offerings to the right customer. This helps expand your customer funnel while at the same time improving your conversion rate.

This meetup is free of cost. This meetup is free of cost, and the location is on the 4th floor of the Forum Value Mall ( Forum Neighbourhood Mall) for support, please call 9845572820

Team Startups Club