The Blueprints Club Graduates to become Startups Club - Young Pioneers Wing

This beautiful journey with some amazing leaders in the form of Leaders from campus started along side Startups Club in 2013 from VIT-Vellore Campus in association  with VIT-TBI and a strong support from Prof Balachandran sir, were the founders set out to reaching out to students who would go on to become some of the most dynamic entrepreneurs. But reaching out to students in a campus as huge as this, would not be possible from an external set of individuals, so Startups Club founders picked some students to head the team that leads this initiative called The Blueprints Club. These students, in the passing years became the heart of this community, a family for the founders, leaders to the eco-system in campus and mentors to the aspiring student entrepreneurs. Today, we are around 10k+ student entrepreneurs all headed by these dynamic team called The Blueprints Club.

But just like all great dreams grow to become a reality, all children grow to become amazing adults, it is with pride to the whole team, that we announce today, on the 16th of Jan 2017, that our beloved The Blueprints Club is now Startups Club Young Pioneers, all set to roll out some of the most largest, widest & the most awaited challenges, outreach, campaigns & initiatives to not only hunt out the best student entrepreneurs but also to create innovations, to bring about Startups for the Tomorrow.

The team, the family, the leaders of Young Pioneers are still and will be called the Campus Consultants ( Akber, Saadhiya & Amit) Head Architects and the Lead Architects. You can reach them at the Campus in TTG-003 at the Startups Club office at all times.

Catch us in our sessions, weekly meets, mega events & activities mostly on Fridays but sometimes on Thursdays or Fridays but to get updates, like a Facebook Page and get updates & watch all events live streaming. Click Here

We cannot move ahead if we do not remember where it all started... Join us Students to Reach out to the Stars and above...

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